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Saké Cocktail Masterclass Celebrates Warm Summer Nights

Saké Cocktail Masterclass Celebrates Warm Summer Nights

thumbnail_img_3205COCOM hosted a group of Brisbane media at Saké Restaurant and Bar on Eagle Street Pier to celebrate summer with a cocktail masterclass. An exclusive group of Brisbane media and foodies were treated to Saké’s finest canapes matched with Sake’s signature cocktails perfect for the warm summer nights. Saké’s Head Barman Steve Fanning, showed off some of his impressive flare bartending skills and taught guests the how-to of three different cocktails as the sun set behind Saké’s luminous blossom tree. Under Steve’s guidance everyone mixed, shook and stirred their own Saint Tropez, Yuzu Sour and Lolita Fashion throughout the night. Made from yuzu sake, Tanqueray gin, lemon and vanilla, the Saint Tropez was a zesty affair, a delicate balance of flavours finished off nicely with a hint of sweet basil. Paired with a platter of skillfully prepared fresh sashimi, it was the perfect cocktail to kick-off the night. Next, everyone headed to bustling Tokyo with Steve demonstrating how to shake up a Yuzu Sour. Saké’s own recipe of Japanese Choyo Kokuto Umeshu, egg white and Yuzu Sour is a fresh take on a classic and matched perfectly with the chicken and pork belly skewers being cooked to smokey perfection on the Japanese Binchotan (robata) charcoal grill. The evening ended on a high note with the Lolita Fashion, a little bit of after-dinner whisky decadence mixed with umeshu and orange bitters and served with a chilled Nashi tart – a stunning way to finish. Saké’s cocktail masterclass was a perfect evening, delicately balanced cocktails and delicious canapes worked together to create a contemporary taste of modern Japan

Saké Restaurant & Bar Cherry Blossom Festival Media Event

This September Saké Restaurant & Bar is bringing the beauty of Hanami, the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival to Brisbane. On Thursday August 29 COCOM was there to facilitate a sneak peek of the upcoming celebrations by inviting a select group of Brisbane online media identities to sample the exquisite  Saké Cherry Blossom menu, which reflects the beauty and delicacy of spring time.

Upon arrival guests were greeted at the Saké deck bar, currently garlanded with imported live cherry blossom branches, to enjoy a Sakura Royale, a non-alcoholic mocktail featuring the edible cherry blossom itself blooming in the glass. After enjoying a drink underneath Saké’s iconic illuminated Sakura tree, guests were greeted by head chef Shinichi Meada himself to introduce the special seasonal ‘Shinichi’s Cherry Blossom’ menu.

The first amuses bouche to arrive, Sunomo was a delicate snow king crab, served with sweet tomato cosume and benito jelly, paired with the fragrant Cherry Elixer cocktail to drink. Next guests sampled the tastes and textures of the Cherry Blossom Bento Box, a selection of flavours made to share with fresh sashimi, light as air tempura, seasoned tofu and Shinichi’s own take on ‘steak and chips’, finely sliced rare Wagyu beef and potato rosti.

No meal at Saké is complete without the namesake itself, and this year Saké Restaurant and Bar has collaborated with Nakashima Brewing Company, a boutique brewery in the mountains of Gifu Japan, to brew a special Saké fit for sipping under the cherry blossom trees. This special ‘Junmai’ type Saké with a faint milky tinge, paired perfectly with next served Aji Fry of yellow tail mackerel and eggplant with smoky prawn mayonnaise, and Wagyu dumplings with spicy ponzu, bringing out the complexity of the Umami flavours. The cherry blossom itself is  featured as a versatile star of the menu, with the next dish of Yose Tofu, a smooth and silky un-pressed tofu garnished with a punch of salted cherry blossom to cleanse the palette.

This was followed by a succulent and tender dish of slow braised lamb neck, which Brisbane Head Chef Shinichi said although not very popular in Japan, he loves cooking with Australian lamb.

To sweetly end the evening, the guests were treated to a selection of finely crafted desserts in hues of pink blooms, including a Mont Blanc, a fluffy strawberry roll cake with macha and strawberry dust, a Cherry Blossom inspired strawberry and sour cream ice cream, and of course a modern variation of the traditional Japanese raw Azuki red bean cake.

Saké Restaurant & Bar Brisbane, is excited to invite the people of Brisbane to enjoy the seasonal tastes and celebration of The Cherry Blossom Festival this spring during September, and looks forward to bringing their love of Hanami to Australia.

Sake Restaurant & Bar featured in Feast Magazine 2013

Sake Restaurant & Bar featured in Feast Magazine 2013

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