Jan Logan Jewellery coming to Queensland

Australian jewellery house Jan Logan has been designing exclusive collections of exquisite jewellery for over twenty years and is excited to announce the opening of their Brisbane boutique, in the heart of the city and on the Gold Coast at the iconic Pacific Fair.

Opening mid-March in Brisbane and May on the Gold Coast, the boutiques will herald the arrival of Jan Logan in Queensland. Conceptualised by of-the-moment, interior architect George Livissianis, the boutiques are a vision of luxury and refinement with contemporary features throughout. The multi-award winning Livissianis is noted for his minimalist approach and unique design perspective.

Logan’s origins trace back to humble beginnings in North Western New South Wales. At the age of 50, Logan learnt her trade working for a jeweller while taking care of her three young sons. During this time, she developed a love for design and began hosting her own jewellery shows across the country, before opening her first Jan Logan store in Sydney’s Double Bay in 1989.

Jan Logan is an international brand renowned for its elegant and timeless pieces. Australian and international celebrities including Naomi Watts, Jennifer Lopez, and Joan Chen, have had pieces created for their personal use. Offering an unparalleled service experience, the Jan Logan Brisbane and Gold Coast boutique teams look forward to welcoming visitors and surpassing their expectations.